Teesta is Me.

Teesta, I like my pen-name to be. First, because it is the name of one of the most vibrant and graceful rivers that I have been nicknamed after and second, because nobody has ever pronounced my name right at the first go. My name, SHREYASEE, despite the spelling, is pronounced as ‘SHREYOSHI’ in it’s true Bengali essence. And I have given up on trying to correct people when they pronounce my name. And yes, I come from the language of poets and culture but no, I do not hail from Calcutta or any part of West Bengal. I belong to Guwahati, Assam and presently live in the  city I have always wanted to, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t like me boasting about my mundane world but being a Bong, I am bound to do that.

For a fact, I do not like people assuming me to be from Kolkata since I am a Bengali. Just like I love it when I am complimented on my hair, brows and canines. Uh yes, I never have a rational logic for my preferences. Ever.

I call myself an ambivert, because I fancy the word more than ‘introvert’. But well, I am a misanthrope. I loathe humans most of the time but love the ones that I am close to. Hence, I create fictional characters. Both with brushes and ink. (I love praises for my sketches and write-ups and try to be modest. Every freaking time. Just saying.) Also, I am a swimmer who loves being under water or shower and day-dreaming.

Other than that, I heart-

  • Being a die-hard Potterhead.
  • Discussions on FRIENDS, GOT and Sherlock Holmes.
  • Nicholas Sparks and Sidney Sheldon.
  • An omnipotent procrastinator (and lazy obviously, who cribs about her pot-belly but wouldn’t work out.)
  • Fish.

Oh well. That’s that. Just a 19 year old pisanthrophobic trying to get a hold of her life. (Did I mention that I can never get a hold on my life? I am a Christite. Christ University does that to you.  I do not have a life. Duh.)

And this is not my resume. Why to bore the world with the particulars of my history? I wouldn’t mind bragging about myself, though. Just let me know if you would like to lend your ears.

(After all this time? Always.)