* F A L L *

I have always been aware of the thin line between falling in love with a person and loving them. There are many I love and would be happy to give anything up for. And many versions of them I have fallen in love with. The guy with a perfectly calligraphic tattoo on his fair shoulder …

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First Love

Such a platitude theme, is not it? You see everyone writing poems and snippets and stories and novels on their first love. Some are uncompounded, ending with a 'happily ever after' and some extravagant, ending on a note that forces the person to sit and jot down all those unsaid emotions that he craved to …

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Tell Me Now

The war fledged within, Crushing with rage, Fierce in it’s pace, Schism and waxing The bygonestar that was never mine Tell me now, If you find your hideaway at her heartthrobs, Or if the daybreak coruscates into her sight And you thrive to encapsulate your echoes As the pupils dilate And if you find solace, …

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