Tell Me Now

The war fledged within,
Crushing with rage,
Fierce in it’s pace,
Schism and waxing
The bygonestar that was never mine
Tell me now,
If you find your hideaway at her heartthrobs,
Or if the daybreak coruscates into her sight
And you thrive to encapsulate your echoes
As the pupils dilate
And if you find solace,
Like you did on mine
Do you inhale through her curls?
Or kiss the dew drops off her lips?
Quenching your covetousness,
As you did on mine.
Does she whisper her deepest desires out?
Or nibble at your earlobes?
Tell me now,
If you ever remember the oaths we took?
Away from the world,
Under the shadows of our warmth?
I scramble with the demons you pledged to rout,
And wonder if you will ever hold me until it stops.
Do you vow the same for her?
And mean it?
Tell me now,
If it was all a chameleon.


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